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The pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries drive a significant portion of our global and local economies, and they're growing every year. But the legal and politi­ cal environment changes almost every day. Whether you're a pharmaceutical manu­ facturer or distributor, medical device or biotech company, or a healthcare provider or vendor, it's hard to keep up, much less get ahead.

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A dynamically changing environment requires constant attention – and presents its own set of challenges. You must improve the quality of your systems. Comply with new standards. Exceed patient expectations. Form strategic global alliances. Defend yourself from attack. All while containing costs, minimizing risk and increas­ ing profitability.

Our associate global Pharmaceutical & Healthcare lawyers know the threats – and opportunities – facing these important industries. From science to social work, from Asian flu to SARS, we will keep you informed of the changes ahead and help steer you in the right direction

How We Can Help

  • Biotechnology – We have a strong, growing team of scientifically knowledgeable, business savvy lawyers who concentrate their practice on the issues and needs of biotech


  • Health Law Practices – We help our clients navigate the complex legal landscape of one of the most highly regulated – and profitable – industries in the world.


  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices – We work with pharmaceutical and medical products industry clients on the issues that affect them – from advertising and mar­ keting to transfer pricing and


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Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.