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People are essential to your business. When it comes to employing them, however, some things are never simple. Their legal rights, personal needs and cultural expec­ tations present both opportunities and risks.

The laws and regulations governing relationships between employers and employ­ ees are complex, confusing and sometimes contradictory. If you don't know your rights - or respect theirs - your productivity, profitability and reputation can all suffer.
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We understand that business success requires legally sound, strategically savvy labor and employment policies and practices. Our Labor, Employment & Employee Benefits Practice Group includes lawyers whose focus is to help employers comply with the law, prevent unwanted issues from arising and continuously adapt to the realities of an intensely competitive global economy.

How We Can Help

  • Workplace issues and policies – We help implement, monitor and enforce policies dealing with sexual harassment, discrimination, drug and alcohol testing, employee privacy and family and medical
  • Labor relations and trade unions – We help with wage and hour issues, unionizing activities, collective bargaining, and interpretation of work rules, grievances and industrial
  • Global migration – We help manage immigration issues, mostly related to visas and work permits that come with hiring foreign
  • International executive mobility – We help clarify and support compliance with labor and tax implications of cross-border movement of executive level
  • Terminations and layoffs – We provide counsel on separation agreements, as well as the legal and regulatory notice requirements associated with reductions in force and plant
  • Employment-related litigation – We defend or prosecute claims of wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, whistleblower actions and protection of intel­ lectual
  • Employee benefits and compensation – We design, implement and administer all types of employee benefits and executive compensation
  • Pension law – We provide practical counseling to sponsoring employers, trustees and plan administrators involved in running occupational pension plans on all aspects of legislative, regulatory and fiscal requirements .
  • Global equity services – We design, implement and maintain equity-based com­ pensation programs for employees, consultants and
  • Transactions – We help manage the employment effects of major corporate restructurings and transactions and provide legal advice on employment and human capital issues that occur in major merger and acquisition activities, as well as post-acquisition
  • Health & Safety – We help develop safety programs and conduct preventative audits to determine potential workplace and legal risks. Should the need arise, we provide excellent defense on the
  • Restrictive Covenants/ Trade Secrets – We help draft non-competition agreements and nondisclosure agreements, train employees on policies concerning confidenti­ ality, and conduct audits on trade secret protection.
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Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.