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Patents, trademarks and copyrights are the foundation of many major businesses and critical assets in many more. How you define and protect your innovation and creativity are strategic bottom-line issues.

But in a world where piracy and counterfeiting are rampant and the temptation to violate IP rights is strong, you can never rest easy. The changes that made global markets possible and profitable also have made theft of intellectual assets lucrative and pervasive. The need to use IP rights innovatively to maintain a competing edge has never been more pressing. Respond vigorously and globally.
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We understand the issues and provide unique and global solutions. Our Global Intellectual Property practice includes lawyers who can help you identify, manage and protect your Intellectual Property assets – or acquire those that provide a greater return. We can help you keep up with changing laws and border require­ ments – or work to improve them.

How We Can Help

  • Trademark, copyright and patent portfolio management – Trademark, copyright and patent filing/prosecution and advice. We can tell you whether your property can be protected and what you have to do to protect
  • Enforcement of IP rights – Anti-piracy initiatives and enforcement of IP rights against competitors. We work with government agencies to enforce your rights, take legal action against pirates and help you lobby for stronger We can help you maintain your market position by taking swift and effective action against com­ petitors who seek to erode product or service effectiveness and innovation.
  • Commercial IP – All aspects of the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual prop­ erty rights including franchise agreements and IP
  • Advanced technology solutions – Advanced technology solutions to help you better manage your IP portfolio worldwide (Global IP Manager) and monitor the requirements for effective enforcement in a rapidly changing global market (Border Watch).
  • Industry focus – We help protect the brands and intangible assets of many of the world’s leading companies across a wide array of industries: consumer products, food and beverage, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and many
  • Other issues – Internet and domain name issues, media and advertising law, packaging, labeling, regulatory requirements, trade secret protection and related data.
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Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.