Managing risk has never been more critical. Regulators across the world are becoming more proactive and interventionist. Consolidation among insurers has imposed new competitive pressures. Carriers are driven to distinguish themselves through service, price and other factors. And acquisitions carry their own risks.
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Our Associate Insurance lawyers provide comprehensive legal services in the insur­ ance and reinsurance arena. We apply local industry and commercial knowledge sensitive to the global and local pictures. We devise risk management strategies to reduce exposure. We advise on navigating complex regulatory frameworks that may have implications for enforcement. And we conduct due diligence in M&A situations so companies can better assess the risks they take to their balance sheets.

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  • Capital markets transactions, capital raising, mergers, acquisitions and reorgani­ zations, private and public placements of securities and
  • Assistance with major insurance and reinsurance disputes, including strategic litigation analysis, audits, and commutations and extending to all forms of dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration and
  • Insurance and reinsurance regulation, new product development and discontinued operation advisory
  • Outsourcing arrangements, agency and intermediary
  • Design of finite risk reinsurance products, alternative risk transfer mechanisms, and derivative swaps products for use in reinsurance support structures and
  • Insurance and reinsurance insolvencies, reconstruction and cross-border security
  • Risk advice on political, trade credit, energy, environmental, financial institutions and D & 0
  • Domestic and international tax planning, captive programs, structuring offshore vehicles for catastrophe coverage, funding programs and insurance of discounted
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Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.