Bankruptcy/ Financial Restructuring

When it comes to a financial crisis and default, you need to act quickly and decisive­ ly to preserve value, buy time, achieve stability, seek relief and avoid the effects of insolvency. With bankruptcy looming, you must protect your interests and salvage as much as you can. And where the operating and financial issues cross internation­ al borders, the challenge is to develop and execute a coordinated, effective strategy under pressure.
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Bankruptcy/Financial Restructuring and how we can help

We understand that in every financial crisis there are windows of opportunity, moments when businesses still can be rescued, rehabilitated or reorganized and when it is possible to stop the erosion of value. And we have the necessary range of legal and business skills – and experience in putting them to work quickly and in a coordinated manner – to help you seize these opportunities.

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  • Risk analysis – We analyze, make recommendations and work on strengthening our clients’ rights in securitizations, loan and security interests and their enforceabili­ ty, shareholders’ and employment agreements, equipment and property leases, distribution and franchise agreements and other critical relationships
  • Creditors’/debtors’ rights – We identify creditors’ and debtors’ rights and obliga­ tions, provide legal opinion letters and reduce the risks from bankruptcy implications of deals our clients are considering
  • Workout, turnaround and renewal – As “lawyers to the rescue,” we apply our skills to find solutions and achieve We negotiate and draft terms of engage­ ment for retained professionals, implement standstills and pursue fast cash collec­ tion and other remedies through efficient dispute resolution. We also assist with asset dispositions, mergers and acquisitions
  • Distressed debt – We represent purchasers and sellers of distressed debt. We help with all aspects of financial restructuring from default to conclusion of a reorganiza­ tion or liquidation, identifying and exploiting our clients’ leverage
  • Cross-border representation – We regularly utilize our local resources in many offices to meet the issues arising from businesses transcending jurisdictional bound­ aries, ranging from acquisition or disposal of companies and assets to information gathering under statutory powers and procedures
  • Formal bankruptcy/insolvency – We advise those appointed to manage insolvent businesses and protect them from risk. We negotiate arrangements or plans of reor­ ganization with creditors. We maximize returns for clients with strategies to recover assets, combat fraud, break suspect trusts and deliver value wherever possible
  • Dispute resolution – We represent clients in a wide variety of disputes arising in a financial crisis, and litigate and arbitrate. We prosecute and defend preference, fraudulent conveyance, equitable subordination and substantive consolidation actions

Tax – In conjunction with our tax lawyers, we develop structures and provide bank­ ruptcy tax advice for those concerned with troubled companies.

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Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.