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• In today's global markets, few financial transactions are routine. They involve risk, reward and many unknowns. To complete them successfully, you have to address a range of complex issues all at the same time - especially in multi-jurisdictional activities. It pays to have locally knowledgeable, globally sophisticated legal advis­ ers on your side.

We can help you navigate the maze of banking and finance issues, from term sheet to closing. And, if necessary, we can help you enforce remedies and complete restructurings .
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Our legal practice includes a network of lawyers experienced in local and interna­ tional banking and finance laws, regulations and customs. They possess the global perspective and local experience to complete even the most complex transactions for corporate borrowers, commercial and investment banks, funds, financial institu­ tions and governments.

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  • Acquisition of finance – Structuring the financing of cross-border mergers, acquisi­ tions (asset and equity), leveraged buyouts, restructurings and
  • Asset finance – Helping purchasers, lenders, lessors and lessees finance rolling stock and other big-ticket leasing and financing transactions.
  • Project finance – Structuring privatizations, limited recourse and non-,recourse finance
  • Securitization and structured finance – Advising funds, sponsors, credit enhancers and investors in securitization of a variety of asset classes across multiple jurisdic­
  • Derivatives and financial products – Negotiating and documenting derivatives-driv­ en structured financings, secured and guaranteed transactions and taxable and tax-exempt
  • Financial and regulatory advice – Using our network to keep current on develop­ ments and advising on the practical effects of international regulatory trends.
  • Global custody – Advising global custodians and sub-custodians on issues of safe custody, clearance and settlement of trades, collection of income, and taxes.
  • Loans and credit facilities – Structuring facilities, secured and unsecured, and trade-financing


  • In the area of banking and money lending, we specifically handle perfection of securities which our able and competent lawyers have handled for lending Institu­ tions including investigation of titles, drawing security documents, reviewing and registration of
  • More so, our lawyers who have vast commercial experience garnered from else­ where are highly specialized in commercial litigation especially in the banking Consequently, our lawyers have successfully sued many lending Institutions on behalf of their clients which substantially enhanced their knowledge on corporate banking law and litigation.
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Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.