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In the global marketplace, competition has never been more intense. Cross-border transactions have increased, and antitrust and competition laws have proliferated. Rules governing mergers and acquisitions, cartels and business practices have exploded around the world. Companies are now subject to antitrust and competition regulations in hundreds of jurisdictions.

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Anti-trust Competition and How we can help

The stakes have never been higher. Increasingly, injunctions and compliance orders go right to the heart of a company, imposing mandatory changes of business prac­ tice and causing major disruptions. Moreover, antitrust and competition authorities are cooperating with each other as never before.


Our Global Associate Antitrust and Competition lawyers around the world under­ stand that your legal strategies must be equally well-coordinated. We can help make sure that your transactions meet the requirements of multiple jurisdictions, that your business policies are compliant, and that your interests are well-defended

How We Can Help

  • Transaction approvals – Securing approvals for mergers, acquisitions, joint ven­ tures and other arrangements. We can coordinate timely and successful applica­ tions for clearance of transactions across multiple


  • Anti-competition prevention – Assistance in preventing your suppliers or competi­ tors from pursuing anti-competitive arrangements that adversely affect your busi­


  • Investigation strategies – Formulating an effective strategy in the case of an investi­ gation by antitrust and competition authorities. We can provide local, on-the-spot assistance when officials launch multi-jurisdictional raids of your premises. And we’ll manage the investigation process to contain the
  • Business policy development – Assistance with the development of business poli­ cies that comply with applicable antitrust and competition rules around the globe. Our Global Competition Toolkit is designed to help you efficiently achieve successful
  • Antitrust/competition litigation – Representation in antitrust/competition litigation, including civil cases, class actions and government prosecutions. We also defend companies and executives in government criminal cartel investigations and follow-on private.
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Copyright by Mirembe Group. All rights reserved.